Right to Rent

Date Published 11 February 2016

New immigration law for landlords, also known as ‘Right to Rent' which was passed on 01/02/2016 by our Government.

From 1st February 2016 landlords who let property in England will have to carry out checks to make sure potential tenants have the right to rent in the UK. Under the rules, landlords are expected to check documents with their tenants and ensure that the documents are original and belong to the tenant and that the dates for the tenant's right to stay in the UK have not passed.

Anyone who breaks these rules and is found to be letting a home to a tenant who is not allowed to stay will be fined £3,000 per tenant.

Here at iProperties Ltd we have been carrying out these checks since it was founded in 2013, carefully making sure that all tenants have the right to rent in this country.

If you would like us to take the pressure of you, and arrange for us to check the relevant documents for your properties then please do not hesitate to contact us.

With the laws constantly changing, it is our duty to keep our landlords safe, therefore we would like to take this opportunity to help you avoid such fees now and in the future.